LBA Realty Proposes Commercial Mixed-Use Campus and a Look at Park Place in Irvine

Site Plan of LBA Realty's proposed project. Source: City of Irvine
By: Chad Kim

Developer, LBA Realty, proposes a commercial mixed use project on a 9.35 acre project site consisting of offices, retail/restaurants, a movie theater, and a hotel in the Irvine Business Complex. LBA Realty is also the developer of Park Place which is seeing an increase in developments. 

Located in Irvine Business Complex, the project site is bounded by Jamboree Road to the east, Michelson Drive to the north, and Teller Avenue to the west. The property currently has an existing industrial building along with surface parking. Prior to LBA Realty's proposal, the project site was part of a larger project with a total of 15.65 acres known as the Hines California Green project which planned to construct multiple office buildings ranging from two-story to eight-story, a hotel, and retail/restaurants: 

Source: City of Irvine
However, the previous developer foreclosed in late 2014 and LBA Realty acquired the property. The developer proposes:
  • 236,550 square feet of office space (five story buildings)
  • 51,355 square feet of retail/restaurant space (ranging between one and two-story)
  • a 48,900 square feet movie theater (two story), and 
  • 86,125 square feet hotel with a total of 150 hotel rooms (seven-story)
This is a net total of 422,930 square feet of development space. The proposed project consists of nine buildings, a six level parking structure (1,466 vehicle parking spaces), and surface parking (123 vehicle parking spaces). This proposed project requires a Transfer of Development Rights due to the development intensity of the proposal. The developer proposes to transfer development rights from their existing mixed-use campus, Park Place, located on the north-east corner of Jamboree Road and Michelson Drive.  

​Site Plan:

Source: City of Irvine

As seen from the above site plan, the six level parking structure (one level underground) will be located at the top left corner. The seven story hotel is to be located at the top right corner and the movie theater is at the bottom middle abutting the proposed surface parking lot that is adjacent to Jamboree Road. Retail buildings will be located primarily in the middle of the project site and adjacent to Michelson Drive. The office buildings will be located at the bottom left corner, upper middle adjacent to Teller Avenue, and right side of the movie theater. 

​Park Place:

LBA Realty's Park Place mixed-use campus (located next to the proposed project) recently completed a six-story hotela multifamily development is under construction with another planned, and a  six-story office building is planned. 
Park Place. Source: LBA Realty
Looking at the site map, the six story hotel is indicated by the gray building next to 3333, the planned office building is 3181, the under construction multifamily development is the three blue buildings next to the six story hotel, and the planned multifamily is to the right of 3181. 

​Rendering of 3181:

Rendering of the planned six story office building. Source: LBA Realty

Rendering of the planned six story office building. Source: LBA Realty

The project architect of the 3181 office is Gensler.



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