A Closer Look at the Future Disneyland Hotel

Credit: City of Anaheim
By: Chad Kim

Environmental report released by the City of Anaheim provides a closer look regarding the future 700 room Disneyland hotel.

Located at 1601 S. Disneyland Drive, the 31 acre project site is to the west of The Disneyland Resort and is in the Hotel District:

Credit: City of Anaheim
The hotel project site includes a portion of Downtown Disney west of the monorail which includes former businesses such as Earl of Sandwich, AMC Theaters, ESPN Zone, Rainforest Cafe, Travelex/Alamo/WD Travel, Apricot Lane, and Starbucks.

With the replacement of the existing aforementioned buildings and parts of surface parking (i.e., Stitch Self-Park Lot and DLH Valet Tower Lot), comes the future hotel that will bring 700 hotel rooms in a sprawling eight story building (97 feet 1 inch tall) with four distinct wings that are connected via the central main lobby, and will also include one below ground level for service use and storage. Plans also include a total of 17,000 square feet dining and retail spaces in the hotel scattered on the third and seventh floors. A table service restaurant will also be located on the seventh floor that will be available to the public.  Additionally, a total of 65,000 square feet consisting of food, beverage, and retail spaces will be located on the first level in the hotel resort complex and is a part of Downtown Disney.

A new parking structure consisting of 2,194 vehicle parking spaces is also proposed which would be built on a portion of the existing Simba parking lot.

Closer look of the Aerial Photograph: Exhibit 4 from the environmental report. Project area outlined in red dashes
Credit: City of Anaheim

Credit: City of Anaheim
The breakdown of hotel use by floor consists of the following:

Level 1 and 2:

  • Cast member areas in Wings 1, 2, and 3
  • Guest rooms and laundry facilities in Wing 3 and 4
Level 3:
  • Main guest lobby and registration area in Wing 1
  • Guest rooms in Wings 2, 3, and 4
  • Additionally, "The guest pool areas would be located on the third story as well as outdoor seating, landscaping, a grill and bar, retail area, office space, and a meeting room" (p 4-2)
  • Guests will be able to directly connect with the existing monorail via a pedestrian bridge that will connect the lobby to the existing monorail platform
Levels 4 - 7:
  • Guest rooms
  • Concierge lounge in Wing 2 on the 7th floor
  • "A table service restaurant with a lounge, bar, and outdoor deck area in Wing 1" (p 4-2)
Level 8:
  • Limited number of guest rooms within Wings 2, 3, and 4
Detailed site plan is provided in the environmental report and it shows Hotel Wing 1 located south of the main lobby, Hotel Wing 2 to the north-east side adjacent to the existing monorail, Hotel Wing 3 to the north of the main lobby and to the left of Hotel Wing 2, and Hotel Wing 4 is to the left of Hotel Wing 3.

The project architect is Marnell Architecture. 

Credit: City of Anaheim


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