Large Mid-Rise Residential Development Rises Near MainPlace Mall


By: Chad Kim

Construction continues on two mid-rise residential buildings encompassing more than half a block. 

Previous coverage on this large mid-rise residential development entailed two new mid-rise buildings. According to developer's (Fairfield Residential) webpage, the name of the two communities are: Aura Apartments and Vita Apartments.

Rendering of Aura Apartments (Building A). Source: Fairfield Residential

Rendering of Vita Apartments (Building B). Source: Fairfield Residential

Prior to the construction of the new residential development, was the Town & Country Office Park:

Facing southeast at the intersection of Town and Country Rd and Lawson Way. Source: Google Streetview

The former office park was demolished to make way for the new residential development. Below shows the parking structures for Aura Apartments (structure closer to the intersection) and Vita Apartments (structure to the left of the aforementioned structure):

Source: Google Streetview

Facing northeast along Lawson Way

Aura Apartments along Lawson Way. Vita Apartments can be seen further to the east.

The architect for this residential development is Architects Orange. Completion is anticipated sometime this year.


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