Apartment Rises in Irvine

By: Chad Kim

Apartment project in Irvine at 17150 Von Karman Avenue continues construction. The developer is Fairfield Residential Company, LLC.

From a previous post: "An Irvine Planning Commission report (05/07/2015) sheds light on the proposed project named Irvine Gateway located at 17150 Von Karman Avenue. The developer, FF Realty II, LLC., is aiming to build a total of 434 residential units (out of the total, 44 rental units are affordable units) on a 8.51 acre site (~51 DU/Acre). The project is aiming to get a density bonus of 87 residential units and accordingly, there are 347 base residential units. The total of these two adds up to the overall total residential units proposed in the project. While the north side of the project site is proposed to have a 5 story apartment (363 rental units; may have the future option of turning into for sale condo units), the south side is proposed to have for sale attached three story townhomes (71 units). The apartment building configuration is a wrap-around and the parking garage will have six levels." (06/18/2015)

Before Photo: 12/23/2015

Since the last update, construction has progressed and, at the time the photo was taken, has nearly topped out. Formerly known as Irvine Gateway, Rize Irvine Apartments is expected to be completed in Summer 2017. 

Pictures taken: 02/11/2017

The project architect is Architects Orange. 



Source: Google Maps


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