Detailed Look at Proposed Apartment Project in Orange

By: Chad Kim

A new apartment project is proposed at 999 Town & Country in the City of Orange consisting of 262 apartment units. 

The site has an existing four story office building which will remain on the property. To continue providing parking spaces for the existing office tenants, the developer proposes to construct a five level parking structure with 345 vehicle parking spaces. Additional 49 vehicle parking spaces are proposed through restriping a section of surface parking located to the east and south of the office building. 

The proposed apartment, from developer Westcore Properties, is five stories tall and would replace existing surface parking at the western portion of the project site. The apartment will be wrapped around the proposed six and one partial level parking structure with a total of 453 vehicle parking spaces. The unit types include:
  • 60 studio units
  • 87 one-bedroom units
  • 96 two-bedroom units, and
  • 19 three-bedroom units
The ground floor of the apartment building will include the leasing office and mail area for the residents (2,684 square feet). Additionally, there will be a clubhouse and fitness room (3,359 square feet). Other amenities include: "...a pool/spa, outdoor kitchen, outdoor lounge, barbeque areas, sport courts, a par course workout, a dog park, and passive open space areas with common seating." (p 2-3). 

Site Plan:

Source: City of Orange
The site plan above shows the proposed apartment building to the left and the existing office building to the right. The new parking structure for the office tenants is at the upper right corner of the project site. 


Source: City of Orange
Source: City of Orange
Source: City of Orange
Source: City of Orange
Architects Orange is the architect for the project. 

The developer proposes constructing the development in two phases where the first phase would consist of the five level parking structure. This phase is proposed to start in 2017 and would require about six to eight months to finish. The second phase consists of the development of the apartment which is proposed to start in 2017 or in 2018. The construction of the apartment project will take about 14 months. 

This area has seen an increase in multifamily residential development including the under construction Eleven10 West and 301 Development at City Place and a proposed mid-rise apartment.

Source: Google Maps


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