Looking at Site C's Past and Planned Three-Hotel Future in Garden Grove

Rendering of  SCG America's Planned Hotel at Site C in Garden Grove. Credit: Orange County Business Journal; Archilier Architecture

By: Chad Kim

According to the Orange County Business Journal (OCBJ), SCG America takes another step forward in the planned three hotel development at Site C in Garden Grove as two hotel operators for two of the three hotels has been announced.

 In a previous post  published on July 7, 2016 shed light on Site C and has been replicated below:

"According to Orange County Business Journal (OCBJ), SCG America has been selected as the lead to develop Grove District Hotel Resort Development, with up to three hotel towers, also known as Site-C.
According to a memorandum from the City of Garden Grove, the hotel resort project was approved by the city council in November 2012.

The State Department of Finance in December 2012 found the Disposition and Development Agreement between the defunct redevelopment agency and the developer as "...to not be an 'Enforceable Obligation' of the former Agency".

In light of the finding, on April 9, 2013 the City of Garden Grove went into an agreement with the developer Land & Design, Inc. known as Grove District Resort Hotel Development Agreement. This agreement is similar to the one that was created between the redevelopment agency and the developer.

Land & Design, Inc. proposed to designate SCG America to take the lead in attempting to construct the resort hotel under a joint venture named Investel Garden Resorts, LLC. The Garden Grove City Council approved the transfer on June 28, 2016.

The 5 acre site project consists of planned up to 769 hotel rooms, 39,000 sq ft conference space, a parking structure, and a total of 20,000 sq ft for restaurant(s).

SCG America is not a new comer when dealing with hotels in the resort area. In October of last year, SCG America purchased the 17 story 656 hotel room Hyatt Regency Orange County from Xenia Hotels & Resorts for $137 million in cash.

OCBJ states the developers anticipate breaking ground in 2018 with the first hotel project to be completed in 2020.

Renderings can be found at Land & Design, Inc. and the architect is Langdon Wilson International."
Since this post, new updates have surfaced as OCBJ reports that SCG America has taken another step forward in the Site C development as two hotel operators have been named where a Kimpton Hotel & Resorts will entail 200 hotel rooms and will be a four star hotel. A second hotel tower will consist of Le Meridien with estimated 400 hotel rooms. The third has not yet been named but may include a "boutique or lifestyle". 
According to Visit Anaheim, the anticipated completion date for this project is 2021 and SCG America's project architects includes Archilier Architecture and the Friedmutter Group. SCG America's architect team will work with Kimpton with regard to design of the future Kimpton hotel. 
Previous rendering of Site C. Credit: Land & Design, Inc. and Langdon Wilson International
Rendering of  SCG America's Planned Hotel at Site C in Garden Grove. Credit: Orange County Business Journal; Archilier Architecture


Source: Google Maps

SCG America is a subsidiary of the Shanghai Construction Group, a Chinese Developer. SCG America is also constructing a 34 story high rise condominium project (about 450 units) in Downtown Los Angeles known as PerLA on Broadway at 4th-Broadway. 


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