Welcome to Developing OC

Welcome and thank you for visiting Developing OC, a real estate news blog in Orange County. This site carries on from the former LAOCDB website. Here are some insight into the reason for the new changes and what to look forward to:

Q: Why the change to Developing Orange County? 

A: Due to limited resources and to provide better coverage of Orange County development

Q: What will happen to the former LAOCDB website? 

A: As you may have noticed, not all the prior posts have migrated over to Developing OC. More recent articles (i.e., beginning of 2017 to today) will be available here, while LAOCDB will be an archive site with previous articles.

Q: What types of development will Developing Orange County cover? 

A: Residential, commercial, industrial, mixed use developments, etc.

Q: Will the Orange County development map still be available? 

A: Yes. It is still a major priority to update the map. The map will be available here and as well as at the archive site.

Q: How can I provide feedback regarding these changes or to provide a comment? 

A: Via email at developingoc@gmail.com


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