Three Unit Condominium Proposed in Buena Park

Source: City of Buena Park
By: Chad Kim

Developer, VIP Tanzanite LLC, proposes to construct a three unit residential condominium in the City of Buena Park.

The proposed project site is located at 5801 Homewood Avenue in the City of Buena Park with the nearest major intersection at Beach Boulevard and Holt Street. The site currently has a legal-nonconforming single family house which is proposed to be demolished and in its place a proposal to construct a three story residential condominium building. A total of 12 vehicle parking spaces are to be provided.

The current project specification is a result of modifications of which the original plan was to construct a live/work development consisting of five units in a four-story building.

The current proposed three unit condominium building consists of a total of 11,116 square feet. The size of each unit ranges from 3,182 to 3,456 square feet with about 410 to 545 square feet consisting of private open space which include balcony and private roof deck.

According to the Agenda Report, "Kitchen, living and dining areas for Units 1 and 2, and three bedroom for Unit 2 are provided on the second floor. Three bedrooms for Unit 1 are provided on the third floor. The living, kitchen, dining and three bedrooms for Unit 3 are provided on the third floor." (source)

Site Plan:

Source: City of Buena Park

Source: City of Buena Park
City of Buena Park

The project architect is CMC Architect and Engineers.

The Beach Boulevard corridor in Buena Park has seen an increase in under construction and proposed projects including: immediately east of the proposed project is an under construction senior apartment development, further south of the proposed project is a proposed live/work development, recently completed mixed use shopping center with a hotel under construction & housing proposed, and development projects in Buena Park's Entertainment Zone.


Source: Google Maps


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