Beach Boulevard Live/Work Project Proposed in Buena Park

Source: City of Buena Park
By: Chad Kim

6100 Beach LLC proposes a two story mixed use project in Buena Park consisting of two live/work units and 3,708 square feet office space on the ground floor.

The proposed 0.28 acre project site is located at 6172 Beach Boulevard in the City of Buena Park with the nearest major intersection at Beach Boulevard and Commonwealth Avenue. The site is currently undeveloped. The developer, 6100 Beach LLC, proposes four office space on the ground floor which makes a total of 3,708 square feet. The second floor consists of two residential dwelling units (total = 2,056 square feet). Two of the office tenant spaces are to be connected to the second floor residential units thereby making up the live/work arrangement. Both residential units consists of the following:

  • one bedroom
  • one bathroom
  • kitchen
  • living room, and 
  • balconies 
The proposed project will include 18 surface vehicle parking spaces. 

Site Plan: 

Source: City of Buena Park
Plan view of the second floor: 

Source: City of Buena Park


Source: City of Buena Park
The project architect is Source Architecture, Inc.


Source: Google Maps


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