Tiny Tim Plaza Project Proposed in Santa Ana

Source: City of Santa Ana
By: Chad Kim

The Tiny Tim Plaza Residential Development project is located in Santa Ana and is a proposed 51 unit affordable apartment on a site that has existing commercial building that is proposed to be renovated.

Proposed by Community Development Partners, the 2.33 acre project site is located at the north-east corner of 5th Street and Hawley Street in Santa Ana's Artesia Pilar neighborhood. The 51 affordable unit four story mixed-use building is proposed to replace an existing auto repair shop located at the south-west section of the project site.

The unit type breakdown includes the following:

  • twenty 2-bedroom units
  • twenty-nine 3-bedroom units
  • two 4-bedroom units 
The size of the units range from 800 to 1,200 square feet. 

The proposed development entails affordable units, except the manager's apartment,  where "The Very Low Income units are for families with incomes that range from 30% - 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI) and the Low Income units are for families with an annual income of 60% of the AMI" (Source, p 6). 

In addition to the affordable dwelling units, the residential building will also proposes the following:
  • Lobby
  • Mailroom
  • Property management office
  • A community lounge 
  • Laundry rooms on second, third, and fourth levels
  • A community amenities area on second floor
In total, the building will have 3,360 square feet of community amenities. 

Details of additional amenities can be found on Page 6 of the environmental report for the project. 

The project site currently has two existing retail buildings which are proposed to be renovated with the exterior having a Mid-Century Mexican Modern architecture. The project also proposes to add 330 square feet of kiosks. Then the total retail on the project site amounts to 16,800 square feet. 

The project proposes 62 vehicle parking spaces for commercial and 94 vehicle parking spaces for the residential building. Bicycle lockers are also proposed which will provide 30 bicycle parking spaces. 

Site Plan: 

Source: City of Santa Ana

As the site plan illustrates, the existing retail buildings are located along the northern and eastern side of the project site. The proposed residential building is to be located at the south-western area of the project site. 

Rendering (source): 

Source: City Fabrick

Source: City Fabrick

Source: City Fabrick

Source: City Fabrick
City Fabrick is the project architect. 

Project Map:

Source: City of Santa Ana


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